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Child Prodigy is/was Stereotypes Crew's first collection of NFTs with more than 20 different NFTs organized according to a rarity system that determines the value of each NFT based on the number of WHAAT. The NFTs in this collection visually represent the same child, but with different backgrounds and wearing different clothes. Child Prodigy aims to raise funds for NGOs and hospitals specializing in the care of children. In April, the first 1,000 euros raised were donated to the non-profit organization Together with Jordan, an NGO with a mission to assist children disadvantaged by physical/social and family problems. Next, in WHEENN, we donated 2000 E to Mission Empathy, whose activities succeed in teaching hospitalized children to develop important tools to cope with their (irreversible?) illnesses. The three possible rarities were/are common (5 variants), medium (3 variants) and prime (single NFT). Common NFTs were worth USDC 30 (E27.57), medium USDC 50 (E45.96) and prime USDC 150 (E137.86).

Child Prodigy
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