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Step into the world of Child Prodigy

Before proceeding with the purchase of a Child Prodigy NFT, if it is the first time you approach this world and you don't know how the purchase system works, we suggest you to visit the section "Make your first NFT donation" on our site.


In order to allow as many people as possible to take part in the project, we thought of using a Rarity System, whereby each Stereotype Child Prodigy will have three possible rarities in which it can be purchased: Common, Medium, Prime. For every stereotype, there will be: 3 different COMMON designs (with 5 copies for each), 3 different MEDIUM designs (with 2 copies for each), 1 unique PRIME design.




3 different children with a monochrome background and black frame. 
Starting Price: 30 USDC  Buy Now Price: 45 USDC



3 different children with a two-tone background, a silver frame, and an exclusive accessory. 
Starting Price: 50 USDC  Buy Now Price: 70 USDC



1 child with a geometric background, a gold frame, and golden accessory and clothes. Starting Price: 150 USDC


The proceeds from the sales of the Child Prodigy collection will be donated to non-profit organisations and hospitals that care for children's health. The donations will be made either in the form of actual cryptocurrencies, or as funding for the purchase of hospital equipment should a facility need it.

This help, which we want to give in a transparent and traceable manner (Address 0x70940d868Eee3310905c7bFc4234B67893431E24 | PolygonScan), is also intended to make the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs more accessible to all interested non-profits organization.


 We donated EUR 1,000 to the Onlus Insieme A Giordano (, an organisation with the mission to assist minors disadvantaged by physical, social, economic and family problems. After this first donation, which was crucial for us, we are working to organise the next collaboration, which we will announce as soon as possible.

First Donations

 We donated EUR 2,000 to Missione Empathy ( The goal of mission emphaty, through the proposed activities, allows hospitalized children to develop important tools for dealing with the disease. We were happy to contribute to the financing of one of these days in the Vicenza hospital.

Second Donation

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