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To propose your association and add it to our Portfolio, we need some information!


Send us an e-mail with what is contained in the bullet points highlighting what we need.


We await Yours!

About Association
  1. Full name

  2. Acronym

  3. Year of foundation/beginning of activity

  4. Legal nature: (body recognised as...)

  5. Municipality and Province

  6. Address

  7. Telephone

  8. E-mail

  9. Website

  10. Most used social links

Tell us more about the Project
  • Project title

  • Country / area / city where the project is implementedProject summary (max 20 lines)

  • Description of the context of intervention and justification for the project

  • General objective

  • Specific objective (would you like to use this platform to carry out a particular campaign?)

  • Expected Results

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