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Spreading Love

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Spreading Love is our biggest and most comprehensive partnership with the association 1 Caffè Onlus.Their mission is to organise seasonal crowdfunding campaigns for specific causes, with which they manage to financially support 52 different charities. By looking at the missions that define our two associations, it is clear that Stereotypes Crew and 1 Caffè share many goals. For this reason, we have decided to draft a joint action plan composed of several initiatives aimed at deepening our cooperation and mutually benefitting our shared objectives. Here is a roadmap to our collaboration:
to open a joint broadcast channel on instagram in order to allow people from each community to integrate and discover content from a similar although distinct philanthropic sphere
Crowdfunding through Stereotypes Crew’s NFTs with the objective of raising 1.600E to begin with, and then lift the target to 3.200E
Creation of a digital wall in the headquarters of 1 Caffè where our NFTs and the names of their donors will be projected in an animation
Our NFTs will be sold as tickets or passes for events, podcasts, and social gatherings organised by 1 Caffè, thus allowing a direct channel of funding from the public to our partner charities.

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